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Quick Setup

Setting up the service is fast and easy (no technical expertise is required). The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

Qucik Setup Diagram

Making and Receiving Calls is Easy

HN Communication Digital Phone Service works just like your regular phone. To make a call, you simply pick up your telephone and then you dial any number worldwide. For incoming calls, your phone rings and you pick it up to answer the call. The person you are calling or the person who is calling you does not have to be connected to the Internet. You will be charge a nominal fee per minute in addition to your monthly service fee.

What's different than my regular telephone?

HN Communication Digital Phone Service combines local, long distance and international calling with great features like Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voicemail. We offer a variety of calling plans to meet your needs. In addition, we also offers advanced features that are not available through traditional telephone service.

In more technical terms, the phone adapter converts your voice from an analog signal to a digital signal. The digital signal is sent over your Internet connection. The call is then routed to the destination via the traditional voice telephone networks. This process is also referred s Voice Over IP (VoIP) or Internet Telephony.