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HN Communication started out as two friends who saw the opportunity of the growing market for Voice over Internet (VoIP), especially for people who are looking for an affordable international calling plan. Our company was formed as a Canadian corporation in 2009 to pursue opportunity in the VoIP market with a focus on the Asian market. Based in Ottawa, we can offer customer service support in Vietnamese, English, or French.

Long distance call from Canada to Asia can be expensive. Calling card is more popular and less expensive. Our service offers plan competitive with calling card but without the need to enter an access code or the purchase of additional calling minutes. Using a VoIP adapter, you can use an analog phone to call another person even if they are not using our phone service. You can call your relative and friends more often. This strengthens ties with them even if they don’t live in the same continent.

As an affiliate of, we believe in delivering outstanding service combine with excellent customer support. We are also a user of their service so we can hold hardly recommend their service. In addition, has been in business since 1989. Their current founders hold many patents important in the creation of the VoIP technology.

Our Management Team

Henry Wong, CEO and co-founder
Mr. Wong has over 15 years of experience in the telecom industry. As a high level executive working for company like Alcatel, Nortel, and Nokia, he brings a wealth of management experience and contacts. He oversees all sales, marketing, and financial areas of the company.

Nicolas Cheung, COO and co-founder
Mr. Cheung is responsible for all product and program management including market research, strategic planning, and product planning. He is also a veteran of the telecom industry. His 10 years of experience include the areas of engineering, customer support and product definition.

Henry Nguyen, Vice president and CTO
Mr. Nguyen has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. He held senior management position at Motorola, Siemens, Dell, and Texas Instrument. He is responsible for network operation and customer service.